Write For Us! How to Contribute to AllDayHealthandFitness.com

Want to AllDayHealthandFitness.com and become a contributor? We’re always looking for expert takes on health tips, great workout tips, healthy eating ideas and everything in between. We want writers who are passionate and have something important and valuable to say to our readers about health and fitness.

Here's What We're Looking From You

For experts: Credentials for writing with authority. That means official, earned designations, so our readers can trust the info they’re getting! 
For bloggers and influencers: Researched articles and stories, with references to primary sources (peer-reviewed journals, dietitians, certified personal trainers, doctors), gif roundup stories and personal essays.

Editorial Guidelines

  1. All submissions should be entertaining, engaging & educate the readers. 
  2. All submissions must be fully original and should not be published elsewhere.
  3. It should, in no way contain obscene, or adult or mature content, that may hurt the reader in any possible way.
  4. Author credit (only one commercial link in article body) and link to personal blog & social media profiles in (author bio) are allowed.
  5. All submissions should include 3 to 4 authority links along with one internal link to our relevant blog post.
  6. Submissions should be well written, edited and original. There is no formal word count if you want to write an article 800 – 1500 words long then go ahead and express yourself. But if you want to drop a hot video or poster with a short piece of commentary attached then that is great too.

Normally, we will contact you within 24 hours after your submissions, so please be patient!

In case you do not receive any reply, please do not hesitate to contact us because we have to deal with a huge number of e-mails.

Think you’re ready to contribute? Email us at editor@alldayhealthandfitness.com.